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The Cigelske Law Firm

If you or a loved one was injured in a wreck that was not your fault, then contact the Cigelske Law Firm so work can begin immediately on your case.  The insurance companies have investigators and lawyers already working against you with the goal of reducing or eliminating your rightful recovery. You need the right law firm working for you because time is of the essence.

The strongest assets of the Cigelske Law Firm is the ability to take your case to trial and Mr. Cigelske’s proven track record of success. There are many lawyers on TV and radio that want your business but many are not even licensed to practice law in Georgia.  Even more shocking is the amount of lawyers who never step into a courtroom, much less go to trial in front of a  jury. Often personal injury and wrongful death cases settle outside of court, but If a lawyer is unable or unwilling to take a case to trial, then there is no way they can obtain the maximum compensation that you and your family deserve.  Here at the Cigelske Law firm your case will be prepared for trial and only then is a settlement possible for the maximum value of your case.

Learn more about Cigelske Law Firm. Contact the law offices of Cigelske Law Firm by phone at (404) 237-4440 or through this website to schedule a consultation with Atlanta lawyer Bryan N. Cigelske.

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Bryan Cigelske got me more than I ever could have when I was hit on my bike. Thanks for the great work! ~Sean
Sean Bough
5 Stars – 100% happy with the services I received. They took care of everything while I recovered. I would highly recommend Cigelske Law Firm to anyone involved in a motorcycle accident.
Dwayne Taylor
Brayan Cigelske fought hard for my compensation after being struck by a car in an intersection. After months of hospital, I now have the bills paid and a new bike. ~Mark
Mark Cameron
Great service and well pleased
Robbie Holmes