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Wrongful Death Lawyer

The loss of a family member in an accident seems surreal to most people. If it is a husband, wife, mother, father, son or daughter, the emotional pain may be crippling at first. Then come the difficult challenges of preparing for a funeral and coming to grips with the loss of the loved one. Before long, financial burdens are as almost as harsh as emotional ones in many cases, especially if the deceased was a breadwinner for a family. Surviving family members often don’t know where to begin along the path to recovery after loss of a family member when they contact Cigelske Law Firm to be your wrongful death lawyer. Rest assured that if you are in this situation, we are prepared to provide direction and support so badly needed at this time. If there is any question as to who is eligible to receive compensation through a wrongful death lawyer claim, we can clarify that for you right away. We are prepared to investigate the causes of an accidental death and prosecute wrongful death lawyer claims when indicated. We can help you tap into any applicable life insurance. (Beware of the potential risks of communicating with insurance companies on your own. They will likely look for any reason not to pay out benefits even on a wrongful death lawyer claim clearly covered in relevant life insurance policies. These interactions are best left to your attorney.)

Cigelske Law Firm Compassionately And Thoroughly Handles Wrongful Death Lawyer Claims After Fatal Accidents Such As Deadly Car Crashes

Some families do not want to talk to a lawyer yet until after a funeral is over. We understand this impulse, as all the happenings can seem overwhelming, and a family needs privacy to grieve. However, if you contact us right away after an accidental death, we can take burdens off your hands to allow your family that time and space. We can take care of details such as opening an estate, requesting medical records, identifying and contacting witnesses and if appropriate, contacting insurance companies on your behalf.

Once you are ready to spend more time with your wrongful death lawyer, we will want to get to know you and understand the impact of the loss of your spouse, parent or child. Simultaneously, a detailed investigation will help us determine the causes of a or other type of accident. This can reveal who may be liable for damages in awrongful death lawyer claim. We hope to hear from you if the Cigelske law firm can help provide you with the best wrongful death lawyer and proceed in the direction your family needs after a fatal accident in Atlanta or anywhere in Georgia, Alabama or Mississippi. Call or to schedule a consultation.

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